Heather Droke, owner of Garden Vignettes, has been creating gardens and living floral works in Chattanooga since 2000. Throughout her years of work, Heather has consistently infused her living designs with a distinctive combination of color, shape, and texture. She holds a degree in Ornamental Horticulture & Landscape Design from The University of Tennessee.

Heather Droke with Garden Vignettes has taken charge of our seasonal outdoor plantings, shrubs, and trees,, as well as indoor plants, for two years. Garden Vignettes is creative, consistent, and has a friendly staff. We get so many compliments about our plantings.
Nancy Miller, President - Pincelli & Associates
I would highly recommend Garden Vignettes. Heather and her team are professional, knowledgeable and dependable, which is the perfect tri-fecta when working with a service company! They keep the plants in our office looking fantastic and have done so for over 5 years.
Kim White, President/CEO - River City Company
Heather’s selection of plants for our patient’s rooftop garden is lovely. We know how stressful cancer and critical care is for family members, and they will enjoy the beauty of the garden year round. Thank you to Garden Vignettes!
Kathy Dittmar, CHI Memorial
Heather and her staff have done a wonderful job at our property. Not only do the containers look great, GV has always been responsive and professional. Thank you!
David Woodberry, Signal Mill
I have worked with Heather & Garden Vignettes at my business for two years now. I love having happy and fresh plants in my public spaces, and Heather’s team makes it easy for us. From indoor to outdoor, its a crucial part of my design and I couldn’t do it without such a great service.
Seija Ojanpera, The Dwell Hotel
Garden Vignettes has been taking care of the plants at Wheelhouse fo two years. They have suggested plant replacements, nursed plants with infestations, and conscientiously cared for the plants, watering, pruning, training etc. I am impressed by their commitment and note their professionalism.
Craig Kronenberg, Hefferlin+Kronenberg Architects