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Vertical Gardens & Green Walls

These mesmerizing installments have been growing in popularity and demand, and Garden Vignettes is ready to bring one to your home or office. Vertical gardens, or green walls, are the perfect way to benefit from plant life in your home or office while adding an aesthetically pleasing and artful touch.

Interior Plantscapes

Plants brighten and enhance the environment; they make a house feel like a home and an office more welcome, inspiring, and stimulating. Indoor plants are more than just visually satisfying, they are proven to absorb many gasses in addition to carbon dioxide including benzene and formaldehyde.

Container Gardens

Custom containers can help make a lasting first impression for your home or office. Our containers are intentionally created to compliment the look and feel of your space. They are designed for interest throughout the year and will last throughout the seasons.

Landscape Design

Heather, owner of Garden Vignettes, has a first love, and it is the design process. She is a horticulturist on a mission to help you achieve your dream garden. The process includes taking the unique space and drafting a custom garden full of color and plant variety and then bringing it to life. From assessing the space of your future garden to ongoing care, Garden Vignettes can bring the beautiful accessory of life to your property.

Ongoing Care

For clients who depend on unsurpassed service and attention to detail, we offer maintenance programs, including fine gardening, proper horticulture methods for planting, pruning, fertilization, monitoring for disease, and seasonal updates. We do whatever it takes to keep you and your plants happy year round.